• You can laminate or veneer on CrabWood WPC boards using Rau Bond Polymaster  /Bison Kit /Fevicol adhesive or 3M double sided tape.
  • Before pasting laminate, scrub the surface with a 80 no sand paper
  • To paste two boards together or paste two edges of WPC together use a cement solvent / pvc solvent.
  • To apply paint or texture paint first apply a pvc primer
  • Store the WPC /PVC sheets in vertical position only
  • To cut the board use a conventional hand saw or a good brand electric saw ex: Bosh or Skil with an rpm of 2500 to 3000.
  • To make wardrobes the maximum dimension of the shelf should be 1100 mm x 380 mm. For more than this size there should be a vertical support of an 18 mm board in the middle of the shelf.
  • Maximum length of the wardrobe shutter should be 2.2 mtr only.
  • Shelf and shutters should be of 18 mm HD board only
  • Wall paneling should be done with 8 / 10 / 12 mm HD boards only.
  • All types of screws and nails can be used.
  • The Foam Boards can be drilled or nailed using conventional tools.

Note :

The combination of polymer and wood fibre used ensures that screws can be tightened in the same hole for at least 5 times.

You can use nails / nail gun ( air operated ) on WPC board

Don’t Do’s

  • Do not paint the board without the pvc primer
  • Do not use normal fevicol or adhesive on PVC /WPC boards
  • Do not put hot kitchen utensils directly on the PVC boards as it will cause melting impressions if the temperatures are more than 70 deg C.
  • Do not use laser cutter as it will burn the board.

Panel Dimensions

Length :  2.44 mtr

Width   : 1.22 mtr

Thickness  :    8 /10 /12 / 15 / 18 mm

Important suggestions

  • To paste laminate, double sided tapes like 3M Tape and rubber based adhesives like fevicol Heat X are available in the market.
  • To bond WPC /PVC foam boards (eg: 12mm to 12 mm =24 mm) Use a cement solvent /PVC solvent.

How to hide a screw

  • Drill screw deeper and fill the gap with Ados lightweight putty