When it comes to shaping or designing CrabWood PVC foam boards are more flexible compared to plywood.With plywood, chances are that it may split due to humidity or if exposed to cold weather conditions for extended periods.

But in the case of CrabWood PVC /WPC foam Boards there are no such worries as this material is resistant to temperature variations ranging from +60 to -40 deg.

For kitchen interior panelling or furniture should you be looking for an environmentally safe product then CrabWood Foam boards will be your perfect choice.

Your areas of application with CrabWood Foam Boards are wide when compared to plywood due to its adaptability and design flexibility be it for decorative purposes or interiors you are never limited by its utility.

You can design your dream design without any limitation when using CrabWood Foam Boards, whereas with Plywood or MDF there will be some limitations in your designing and area of use.

Should the above factors not fully influence your product selection, then our pricing of CrabWood Foam Boards will, as they are comparatively cheaper than plywood and thus affordable to all.

Our boards are made from recycled waste plastic and wood waste.

WPC Vs PVC boards

Both WPC boards as well as the PVC boards offer excellent resistance to moisture and water. But WPC boards can also resist temperature changes better, and do not expand or shrink with variations in temperature, which makes them even better than PVC boards when used in humid and damp conditions.


1. Advertising Signs, billboards, displays, exhibition stands.
2. Architecture, indoor and outdoor decoration.
3. Furniture, kitchen & bathroom cabinet.
4. Walls & partitions, wall cladding.
5. Wall lining for laboratory or clean room environment.