CrabWood Starting/Finishing Clips are made from 304 stainless steel and supplied with 304 stainless steel screws for fixing to timber joists. These clips are supplied individually.

The starting/finishing clip is used on the outside edge of both the first or starting board and the last or finishing board as there is only 1 grooved edge of the decking board to work with and not enough joist to be able to use a standard deck clip.

One clip should be used every 800mm or every 2nd joist. If you are fixing to metal joists we recommend you drill the hole into the metal frame before using a pop rivet to fix the clip. If the finishing board has been cut down to fit in a defined space and the outer groove is removed then we recommend using a router or biscuit cutter to cut a groove in the board edge every 800mm in order to fit the starting/finishing clips.


Standard deck clips are designed to slide in to the grooved edge of the CrabWood Decking board and be positioned over each joist. Once in position and after the boards have been checked for square on your deck and levered in to their final position the clip is screwed in to the joist providing a uniform 5.5mm gap between each board and a completely concealed fixing option. CrabWood Standard Deck Clips & Screws are available with either screws for fixing to timber joists or metal joists.The slide and screw deck clips are supplied in a packet of 100 standard black polypropylene “T” clips fitted with blackened 316 stainless steel screws for fixing in to timber or aluminum joists. Boxes of 100 clips will cover approx.8 sqm of 150mm wide decking boards installed on joists placed at 400 mm intervals.


CrabWood decking fastener stainless steel clip is supplied with 316 stainless steel screw for fixing to timber joists.  The pack size is 100 clips/screws . This clip is used in wet areas or areas around the swimming pool.  The decking fastener clip is used in place of the standard deck clip approximately 400 mm intervals to secure the boards to the joists. Decking fastener clips do not come with screws for metal joists. Refer to our fixing guidelines to confirm the fixing method when using decking fastener clips on metal joists.


The joist / board locking deck clip is  used to control the small amount of expansion & contraction produced by each board.  This locking clip should be positioned between joists. You need one lock clip per board regardless of the length of the board and usually closest to the center of the board.

  LHMS 665

          Board lock clips are in stainless steel and supplied in packets of 100 .