1. What colours do your products come in?
    CrabWood Fencing comes in a range of colours. It can be stained , varnished or painted to a colour of your choice.
  2. Will the colour fade over time?
    CrabWood fencing will naturally lighten if left unfinished but an overcoat of stain or varnish will bring out the true nature of the wood itself.
  3. Does the Fencing require treating?
    CrabWood Fencing is naturally coloured so it does not require painting at all. Secondly, due to the plastic content within the Crabwood composition there is no need for any further treatment. This becomes a personal choice of the customer.
  4. How do your products react when exposed to water?
    CrabWood products are designed to take on very little water (0.01 %). This is much lower absorption rate when compared to timber which heavily reduces the likelihood of the product rotting over a longer period of time.
  5. Do you have recommended installers I can use?
    Meltin Vaste has recommended installers whom we trust to bring your plans to reality. We have chosen these installers for their high quality of work and professionalism, but as with any third party, we recommend that you follow your own precautions before entering into a contract with them.
  6.  Anything else?
    For any other technical, installation or product care questions,  call our technical team on +64 21 15678, or email us at contact@meltinvaste.co.nz / info@meltinvaste.co.nz
  7. Can I see CrabWood Fencing samples?
    Please call our team on 021 074 7741 and they will be happy to assist you .