This installation guide is for installation instructions purposes only and are not meant or implied to replace local zoning and/or building codes or a licensed professional. The consumer assumes all risks and liability associated with the construction and use of this product.

Prior to installing CrabWood composite decking,

  1. Products need to be installed on clean flat solid surface.
  2. Outdoor decking is required to installed onto the joists, to ensure there are enough spaces for drainage and aeration-drying.
  3. If possible, please place the decking material on the installation site about 72 hours for acclimation.

Install Joists

Initially use a percussive drill or an electric hammer to drill the holes on the concrete surface along the length of the joist. Ensure to drill a hole every 400mm apart for residential use and every 300mm drill one hole for commercial use.        As shown in the figure (1).