CrabWood composite wood decking is very much at home around pools, spas, boardwalks and all marine environments as it is impervious to salt water and ideal for children and bare feet !  CrabWood offers a variety of styles, colours and textures, to choose from.

There’s a decking product to suit your individual taste. – adds character and style to your outdoor space.

Can be installed on a height adjustable aluminium framing system, ideal for applications over a waterproof membrane.

Non Staining
For areas where food and drink is served, CrabWood Decking makes the ideal choice. Anything that is accidentally spilt can be easily wiped up leaving no stains or marks.


CrabWood is not nailed .It is fixed with our Slide in fasteners and a space lock screw unlike traditional fastening techniques, drastically reducing installation time and extending the product’s lifespan.Choosing CrabWood allows you to enjoy walking on a totally clean, smooth deck surface.


Save time ! Save money !

CrabWood Decking systems are designed to speed up deck installation times – in most cases up to 3-4  times faster !.  CrabWood is superior in every way to traditional decking timbers. The lightweight boards are easy-to-handle on the job site and are extremely quick to install using hidden fastenings on standard 400 mm joist layouts. The hidden fasteners will also set a uniform gap between boards at 5 mm.

Composite Decking Profile
Slotted-edge decking gives a clean, fastener-free appearance to the surface of a CrabWood deck. Our hidden fasteners are a perfect way to discretely secure deck boards to joists using the slotted edges. All boards are sold in 2.9 mtr lengths giving you long clean unbroken lines. ( Other lengths can be customised.)

Quick Change system
Quick Change is a unique system that allows you to remove and replace any board individually in any part of the floor . All you need to do is unscrew the slide and lift out the board. The slide & screw spacers self-align one board to another The Quick Change system helps ensure a quick, simple and trouble-free installation. Can be installed on a height adjustable aluminium framing system, ideal for applications over a waterproof membrane.

Minimal Fading
Independent test research has determined that CrabWood decking will experience virtually no fading, as it is impregnated with U V resistant and heat resistant fillers .

Minimal Waste
All boards are supplied in 2.9 mtr lengths ensuring there is minimal wastage and very few joints creating a very clean aesthetic look. Installation requires no specialised tools.

Safe and Permanent
CrabWood comes with a brush / sanded or grooved Slip Resistance surface and boasts a 15  year limited manufacturer’s warranty. 

” CrabWood ” will be your ultimate in Composite Decking.

Decorative Edging
These edging products are invaluable whenever there is a change of level to provide a seamless finish.