Meltin Vaste offers you premium outdoor living through innovative, durable and eco-friendly products. Whether you’re converting a dull patio area into a dreamy deck, transforming a lifeless wall into a masterful design feature or need expert installation advice on your next home improvement project, Meltin Vaste has the experience as a tried and trusted composite building partner.

Three years of product design, chemistry development and extensive testing led Meltin Vaste create ” CrabWood ” a revolutionary brand whose composition promotes strength, durability and colour depth like no other. The unique process used in the manufacture helps achieve variable, authentic colour finishes that mimic the natural beauty of wood. Using first and second generation technology helps reveal that in-depth ultra naturalistic feature. Textures that emphasise a natural wood feel and aesthetic beauty found only in nature.

CrabWood has developed a unique brand of hidden decking clips and dual purpose screws, designed to simplify your installation. Our 300 x 300 clip on Composite decking tile are a cost effective option for use over existing floors such as a cement screed ,tile flooring, paving or even the patio . Compared to standard deck installations, they are quick to install,and remove, requires no posts or any supporting structure. These tiles have the added bonus of been highly durable, as they are made of composite.

•Decking planks have high impact resistant and less susceptible to abrasions.
•Decking impervious to oxidizing, preventing chalkiness.
•Uniform shade / texture throughout a WPC batch.
•Superior beauty and comfort, low maintenance.
•WPC doesn’t develop warping, rotting or splinters.
•WPC cladding is environmentally friendly and less polluting during the
manufacturing process.
•WPC decking is highly affordable.