What is WPC and how is it made

WPC is otherwise known as  WOOD POLYMER COMPOSITE PANEL.

It is made from a mixture of re cycled  polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, or polypropylene, ( plastic ) and recycled wood powder, wood shavings from sawmills or the construction sector and numerous additives.

Created through a controlled process to ensure no variation in size and thickness.

Can we use WPC in Sunlight ?   How long Can WPC survive in Sunlight ?

Yes WPC can be exposed to sunlight. WPC does not develop defects nor does it spoil. Should you choose ,you could polish or paint it every year or whenever needed and it will remain new and strong for years. You can also use Weather coat paint or PU polish on WPC.

Can we hammer nails in WPC or is screw the only option ?

We can use nails in WPC boards. All type of nails and screws can be used on WPC Boards using conventional tools .WPC has a better screw and nail holding capacity than plywood. You can even screw and unscrew using the same position more than 10 times and it does not lose its hold.

What is the correct way to screw WPC boards ?

Use a full groove screw, keep the screw straight and drive it a little deeper into the surface of the WPC Board.

Then apply Putty to fill the gap, sand it and paint.

Can we paint or polish on WPC boards.

You can paint or polish WPC boards with any colour paint. Before painting or polishing, sand the surface using No. 80 sand paper, then clean it with a dry cloth. Apply putty on the edges to make it smooth. After drying apply a adhesion primer and start painting from the edges and then continue on the flat surface.

How do you paste laminate on WPC board ?

Pasting of laminate on WPC is easier than plywood. Before pasting, sand the WPC surface with No. 100 grit sand paper and then apply Bison Kit / Fevicol Hetax / Poly fix glue on the WPC board and on the laminate and allow to dry for 20-30 minutes depending on the atmospheric temperature and then put in a cold press and tighten and leave for 24 hours.

How to cut WPC board ?

You can cut WPC using traditional tools like a hand saw, circular saw, or a CNC cutter.

What are the areas we can use WPC Foam Boards ?

WPC Foam boards can be used in Kitchen furniture, Bathroom Counter tops outdoor and indoor furniture, partitions, bedroom furniture.

How to fill joints after making WPC partitions ?

When you butt join WPC boards as wall panels you need to keep a 3-5 mm gap. This is to allow if there may be any expansion due to climate change. Fill the groove with Ados lightweight putty .  Allow it dry then apply a adhesion primer.When dry you can paint the surface.

Can we use WPC board in railing ?

Being a water proof material WPC can be used for railings. It is strong, lasts longer and gives the structure strength.

 What glue to use to bond two WPC boards ?

You can join WPC to WPC using a WPC glue . First wipe the dry surface clean and apply Rau bond polymaster adhesive / Bison Kit / Poly fix foam board glue to the WPC surface. Do the same to the other WPC surface and wait to semi dry for 15-20 minutes depending on the atmospheric temperature. Then apply one surface to the other and put it in a cold press and tighten. Once dried it is water proof.

Can we use WPC Foam Boards in wet areas ?

Yes. WPC Foam boards are 100 % waterproof and termite proof.

Can WPC Foam board be used as false ceiling ?

WPC board can be cut to the required size and used as a ceiling tile either in exposed / concealed suspension systems or even replace gypsum ceilings.

How does WPC Foam Boards react in case of fire ?

WPC Foam Boards are fire retardant, self extinguishing and does not help fire to spread nor does it burn with flame. So its your first choice when selecting an indoor building wall panel especially for fire prone areas.

PVC Foam Boards

Product Specification

Length Width Thickness Density Colour
2400 1220 8 mm 0.35 to 0.55   gms/cm3 white
2400 1220 10 mm 0.35  to 0.55  gms/ cm3 white
2400 1220 12 mm 0.35  to 0.55  gms /cm3 white
2400 1200 15 mm 0.35 to 0.55   gms /cm3 white
2400 1200 18 mm 0.35to 0.55    gms /cm3 white

Custom colour / Veneer choice available – Special order

WPC Foam Boards

Product Specification

Length Width Thickness Density Colour
2400 1220 8 mm 0.50  to  0.55   gms/cm3 White / Off white
2400 1220 10 mm 0.50  to  0.55  gms/ cm3 White  / Off white
2400 1220 12 mm 0.50  to  0.55  gms /cm3 White  / Off white
2400 1200 15 mm 0.50  to  0.55   gms /cm3 White  / Off white
2400 1200 18 mm 0.50  to  0.55    gms /cm3 White  / Off white