PVC Foam Board



CrabWood PVC foamed boards otherwise known as “ Celuka ” is a new age environmentally friendly material.

It is one of the world’s largest selling plastic composite products, due to its adaptability to a wide range of applications. Its density, appearance, performance, and texture , translates our foam boards, as “synthetic wood”.  The added feature being its versatile and non-toxic.

PVC or WPC with its co-polymer resin as the main raw material, mixed with waste wood flour along with fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other ingredients, is force converted into a continuous sheet substrate, through an extrusion process.

CrabWood PVC foam boards are lightweight, durable and has high impact strength, flame and chemical resistant, immune to rain, wind and sunlight. It is easy to cut and shape thus making it easy to install.

Its added feature being waterproof, shock and heat resistant . It is non-corrosive and non-toxic therefore it can be used as inner wall linings for houses, bathrooms.

Its adaptability to be used as kitchen furniture thus replacing MDF boards give it its ultimate versatility as it can be colour coated, or  even lined with a metal skin through a new process call ” Nano Technology”

This allows our WPC boards to be used as external cladding . The coating technology changes the molecular structure of the paint giving the surface a higher gloss and colour retention making it toxic free and prevents U.V penetration.

Other uses being external advertising boards and hoardings.


CrabWood  foam board is regarded as the most potential “traditional wood material substitute” in many countries. The performance of the product is also different depending on its application . For example ,”Home Improvement ” because our foam board  stands for durability, safety, comfort ,with minimal maintenance and economic viability.


Available thickness : 8 mm /10 mm /12 mm / 15 mm/18 mm
Board Size : : 2440 x 1220 mm.
Colors : white, black, yellow, blue, green, red .( or a colour of your choice )
Installation : The boards can be nailed screwed, sawn, planned using conventional tools or power tools

Wall board Jointing : Maintain a 4-5 mm gap when butt jointing
Jointing : use Selleys paint over sealant /acrylic sealant.

Product Features

1. CrabWood WPC foam Board is a light weight anti-aging material which is waterproof / moisture proof , mildew-proof, possesses weather resistant qualities, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistant, anti-termite, acts like a heat insulator, provides sound insulation and shock absorption.

2. It’s environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable.

3. It can withstand most organic solvents such as inorganic acids, alkali or salts,

4. Suitable for wall lining in residential houses, ceilings, and all clean pharmaceutical purposes.

5. Being a polymer product it possesses good electrical properties and is suitable for use between medium and low voltage and low frequency as an insulation material.

6. Though processed as a wood substitute its performance is far superior to wood.

7. It is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminium and plywood sheets.

8. The surface of the board is very smooth, and hard, bearing a density of 0.50 to 0.80 . It can be used to make cabinets, furniture, etc.

In fact It does create a small but important significance for protecting the earth’s environment and natural ecological resources.