Made from 100% recycled plastic, untreated sawdust & selected additives, it’s hard to believe CrabWood is in fact one of the strongest and most durable WPC decking options available in the market.

Timber which has long been the building module for the decking industry due to its durability and longevity but when installed, gives rise to moss, termite attack, and decay over time and eventually rots the wood itself. But Crabwood made from a composite mixture of plastic and wood is one of those products, often specified because of its material makeup coupled with special fillers and additives making it the ultimate choice for those looking for a product with a difference.

Compared to other WPC decking boards CrabWood has many Interesting possibilities in terms of performance and function.

►The unique feature is the ability to join boards end to end with only a five-millimetre space due to the composite’s stability and lack of thermal movement.

►Due to its high degree of resistance to extreme weather, moisture, termites and ultra violet rays it becomes the prime choice for any a builder.

►A decking that requires no staining or painting over time which significantly reduces the long term cost to a customer. That’s low maintenance.

CrabWood products won’t rot, crack, warp or splinter provided the decking is installed to the manufacturers recommendations which means you can rest easy knowing your decking will last and retain its original colour and aesthetic value over time.