CrabWood wood-polymer composite fencing (WPC ) is our way of reducing waste plastic going to the landfill and giving them value through a recycling process that helps turn them into a long life product, and brings about a harmonious solution to sustainable living. This tried and tested product is manufactured from a mixture of waste plastics, waste wood flour, and a range of additives to become the new age product that can stand the test of time and continually be exposed to the elements.

The fence posts and rails can be painted ,stained or varnished to suit each customer’s taste or left as they are since they are Moisture, U.V  and Heat resistant and designed to resist corrosion and fading even in the harshest climates.

Totally maintenance-free , a cost saving that works out much cheaper compared to treated timber. Local Authorities, Residential Housing, Schools ,Farms,and Commercial establishments can reduce their maintenance and replacement costs for fencing by about 80% .

You can choose from our various designs and the range of colours we promote through our web site .

Our Crabwood WPC composite profiles can mimic many a wood grain, are  U.V. protected and available in a wide range of standard or multi-colours.

CrabWood  Composite posts, panels come in a brushed or grooved finish .

Product advantages

You will never have to worry about painting or staining again.

At a distance, our high-quality Crabwood plastic fences do resemble the traditional wood fence designs .

They do not splinter, making them a child-friendly alternative.

Available in a range of colours and patterns .

Able to meet most customer needs.

Can be cut and shaped using simple carpentry tools .

High level of UV and colour stability.

Easy to install and clean.

Weather resistant, suitable from – 40 to + 60 Deg.

Low maintenance.

Long-lasting to use (10 years warranty).