CrabWood Products are low Maintenance, however with a little cleaning you can make your outside space looking beautiful for a longer period in time. You need to understand that though CrabWood products are relatively colour stable there is always a small percentage of lightening over the first 10-12 weeks as the product stabilises with the environment.

We recommend that you wash any of our CrabWood products with soapy water and a soft bristle brush. You could use a pressure washer ( max 1500 P.S.I. pressure ) You will ensure it is angled to 60 deg ( do not spray directly on the board )  but  spray in the direction of the grain and use a fan tip nozzle  (  min distance 15 – 20 inches ) from the surface using a mild detergent .


Dirt & Grime

Keeping a clean dry surface is the best way to combat dirt, mildew & grime from building upon the surface. Periodic cleaning helps keep your deck looking always new. Though CrabWood is formulated to combat any stains there is a chance that a stain could occur if left un cared where moisture and dirt are left to stagnant.

Scrapes & Scratches

Surface scratches and abrasions will fade over time with weathering. On sanded surfaces you could use a wire brush or a coarse sand paper and go over the affected surface lightly along the wood grain to camouflage the mark. The surface will weather out and match the remainder of the surface in about 8-10 weeks


Spot Stains

Most stains can be cleaned with hot soapy water or with a mild de greasing agent. Soak and scrub the affected area as soon as the stain occurs to ensure best results and then rinse off with warm water. For more stubborn stains you may want to use sand paper (60 to 80 grit) and sand lightly. Always sand lightly in the direction of the grain. Cleaned or sanded areas may lighten in colour and will need 8-10 weeks of exposure to the sun to match the remainder of the product.


Painting & Staining

Meltin Vaste does not recommend any staining or surface treatment on any of their products. However you can paint or stain if you find it necessary to suit your surroundings. Please ensure you have a clean and dry surface prior to application. Please apply products in accordance to the manufacturers recomendations