Where can I use CrabWood Decking ?

The versatile CrabWood product range can be used in a variety of locations, both residential and commercial. Most common are external communal areas, balconies and pool sides .

What colours do your products come in ?

CrabWood Decking comes in (6) Standard colours and (4) Mixed colours.

Will the colour fade over time ?

CrabWood products will naturally lighten about 10 % over the first 8-10 weeks of exposure to natural sunlight and then stabilize after this period.

How slippery does the decking become when it gets wet ?

CrabWood Decking is designed with slip-resistance groves to prevent slipping. Regardless of the conditions, our range can outperform timber, however, we will recommend extra caution if the decking becomes wet.

How do your products react when exposed to water ?

CrabWood products are designed to take on little or no water ( Max 0.1%). Due to its extremely low absorption rate it does not swell or contract even over a long period .

Will the decking scratch or gouge if there is furniture ?                         

 It would be wise to put protectors under the legs of any furniture and we would advise that you lift and move your furniture around instead of dragging it .

How do we fix a mark or scratch if it happens ?                                          

If a scratch or gouge occurs on the decking board we advise that you use an 80 grade sandpaper or wire brush and scuff the mark a little . Once you have done that we advise you to apply an epoxy putty tinted to the nearest shade to match the deck colour and apply it with a scapula if the surface has a sanded finish. Allow the putty  to dry. Once dry use a wire brush and lightly scrape the surface to match the existing surface. If the surface is grooved use a serrated scapula and follow the steps as above .

Do you have recommended installers I can use ?

Meltin Vaste has an extensive network of recommended installers who we trust to bring your plans to reality. We have chosen these installers for their high quality of work and professionalism, but as with any third party, we recommend that you follow your own precautions before entering into a contract with them.

Does the decking require treating ?

CrabWood products come in standard or multi colours. It does not require treating / painting.Due to the plastic content in CrabWood products there is no need for any further treatment. This makes it easy to clean.

Anything else ?

For any other technical, installation or questions,go www.meltinvaste.com, call our technical team on Tel : 021 074 7741 or email us at contact@meltinvaste.co.nz

Can I see CrabWood samples ?
Please go to info@meltinvaste.co.nz  to order your samples.