How To Calculate Your Decking Material

Create a detailed plan to ensure you order enough material, you don’t want to have to pay for multiple deliveries – plus it will save time when building your deck. When calculating materials required, add on 5% extra for wastage.For diagonal decking areas add on 15% extra material due to higher wastage


• Material should always be covered until it is ready to be installed to maintain a clean surface. If stored outside use a material.
• All products should be stored flat and level, supported above the ground at 500 mm intervals
• Battens used to separate and support any stored decking material should be spaced no more
than 500 mm apart, to ensure the boards don’t bow
• Stack units with banding and bottom supports aligned
• Pallets of decking boards should not be stacked more than 4 pallets or 3 m in height


• CrabWood Decking materials should be placed and not dropped when unloading
• When removing boards from a unit, lift the boards and set them down, do not slide boards
against each other when moving them as it could damage or form scratches
• Carry CrabWood Decking boards on the edge for better support
• During construction, do not slide or drag any equipment across the boards.
This could damage the finish or cause scratches .


Once the deck & location has been decided, the deck can be positioned using a simple surveying procedure, the 3-4-5 Rule. Stake a line 4m long parallel to the house wall or surface you want the deck to run straight with.

One end will be stake A, the other stake B. Connect a second line to stake A, run it perpendicularly to a point 3m away, and attach the line to stake C. The corner will be square when the distance between stakes B and C is 5m. Once you are certain the corner is square, use stakes and string to complete the outline of your deck. Accuracy is extremely important.

Make sure the surface your deck is laid on is level and sturdy with good drainage, you don’t want any flex in the substructure

Ensure you have joists supporting your deck spaced no more than 400 mm apart and that you have doubled up joists for butt joints across the deck.

To save time, use a smart bit, with drill bit and countersink in one

Always ensure your boards are spaced evenly using our twist and turn clips. That way you space your boards correctly refer to our installation guide for advice

Use CrabWood Decking Starter Fasteners to line up your first board perfectly and quickly, then all the rest will follow.

Use CrabWood Decking Hidden Fasteners for fast and secure installation. This also gives a seamless finish with no visible screws across your deck.

Use a power saw to help speed and accuracy of installation, especially for corners and edges

When trimming your deck edge, ensuring not to damage your deck boards, you can clamp a straight board to guide your circular saw and leave a crisper edge than the steadiest hand. Measure the distance from the edge of the saw blade to the base plate and position the board to allow any desired overhang. Run your saw along the edge, keeping the saw plate parallel to the decking and tight to the guide. Beauty is in the detail

And always remember to measure twice, cut once!